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Divorce and Family Law

Desmond Law Firm Professional Corporation recognizes that divorce and other personal family issues can be overwhelming to those effected. Mr. Desmond offers compassionate care to his clients while aggressively and zealously representing their legal interests. Competitive hourly rates coupled with a no nonsense approach can help keep the expenses down to a minimum while attempting to achieve realistic fair results.

Divorce is a traumatic event. Desmond Law Firm Professional Corporation can help you protect your legal rights during and after a divorce. We will zealously represent you to obtain all the financial assets that you are entitled to under Florida Law including appropriate Alimony and Child Support and an equitable division and distribution of all marital assets and debts. Desmond Law Firm Professional Corporation

The problems don't always end with the final judgment. Often the "end" is really just the "beginning." Changes in the financial circumstances often require changes to the Settlement Agreement or Final Judgment. Alimony and Child Support modifications are not uncommon. Unpaid Alimony and Child Support are often issues addressed along with changes to the child visitation/parenting schedules.