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Bankruptcy is a complex area of law that may allow our clients to stop foreclosures, reduce or eliminate debt, stop harassing calls from creditors and allow a "fresh start" for individuals and families. Ask Desmond Law Firm Professional Corporation if bankruptcy may be right for your individual situation.

There are several types of bankruptcy filings that are provided for under Federal Law. The most common is the Chapter 7 Liquidation in which most, if not all of the debt is eliminated. Certain restrictions apply. For individuals the law also allows for a Chapter 13 filing which sets up a payment schedule that is based upon the individual's ability to pay the debts. Attorney Leo W. Desmond can determine which bankruptcy filing is best for you. Mr. Desmond is accepting the following consumer and business bankruptcy matters:

Chapter 7 (Liquidation)

Chapter 11 (Reorganization)

Chapter 13 (Repayment based upon income)

Federal Laws and Florida Laws applied together may help an individual or couple eliminate their debt while saving their house, car and other belongings. Limits apply as well as length of residency. Bankruptcy may not be appropriate for everyone as other options exist. Desmond Law Firm Professional Corporation will listen to your personal situation, analyze your specific debts and assets and advise you if bankruptcy is an available option for you. If you choose, Mr. Desmond's law firm will file your bankruptcy and walk you through the process while zealously defending your legal rights.

Call Desmond Law Firm Professional Corporation today and begin your road to a possible "fresh start."